Design, Build, and Maintain

Your property should be a reflection of who you are as a business or individual. Aesthetics only scratch the surface. At Carolina LandCare our mission is to help improve and protect client’s property values by providing professional landscape design, installation and maintenance using sound environmental practices and delivering services a competitive price.

We focus on creating and maintaining an attractive, functional and sustainable property. We help property owners, developers and managers realize their landscape’s full potential. We encourage clients to invest in a landscape that gives your grounds purpose.

Let our passion be your sustainable resource.

At Carolina LandCare we are grounded in the fundamentals of horticulture, intently focused on meeting your needs, and creating landscaping that works. Let’s connect and grow together.

Commercial & Residential Lawn Maintenance

Providing year round service means keeping your property looking fresh all year. Services can be customized to meet the needs and expectation of the client.

Whether commercial or residential, we understand that the appearance of your property is a direct reflection of you as a person property owner or business manager.  A superb appearance helps increase property value and can lead to increase business opportunities in the future.

Landscape Design

Carolina LandCare can help you achieve that landscape look you have always dreamed of having. Whether it’s design, build or maintain we can help you the entire way.

Fertility and Weed Management Programs

Our licensed staff can customize a program for your home or business that will have your property looking its best all year around.

We also provide many more services that we can assist with so don’t hesitate to call and find out what we can do for you.